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Egan Ride (Tuesdays)

Egan Ride Club on Zwift

Welcome to Egan Ride Club on Zwift!  We are looking forward to seeing you on a virtual Egan Ride! This format is flexible and a great way for all of us to cope until normalcy and the “real” Egan Ride is back.  We will keep the Dirk’s spirit of the original Egan Ride alive: convivial, informal, competitive and fun.



  • No regular/weekly announcements via email
  • Follow-us on Facebook: and Instagram at eganrideclub
  • Rides will start at 5:15pm sharp.  Start spinning at 5pm and connect to the communication app “Discord” for pre-ride announcements and sandbagging.  Be on time or you will miss the ride.
  • Each ride will be 60 minutes from Monday and Thursday  
    • Tuesday ride: new route each week.  Fast during intervals and regroup at the end of each intervals
    • Thursday ride: new workout each week.  Stay together.

AV Egan Zwift Kit (recommended).  Although the meetup group is highlighted in green, let’s wear the same kit to identify ourselves.  It will make it easier to recognize our team members.  It can be customized in the “Garage”

  • Zwift Jersey: Basic 3 (Blue / White and Black)
  • Helmet: Basic Helmet (Black / Orange / Blue strips)
  • Socks: Orange

Basic set-up:

  • Step 1: Download the Zwift Companion App on your phone.
  • Step 2: Type: “Jerome Sierra in the “Find Zwifters”.  It is located in the “More” section at the bottom right corner of the navigation menu.  Then add Egan Ride Club as part of the Zwifters that you follow
  • Step 3: Once you are added to the Egan Ride Club followers, you will receive an invite for specific event.  Do not do it at the last minute.  It is a manual process.
  • Step 4: Accept the invite for the specific event

Before the ride starts:

  • Have phone, computer fully charged and set-up ahead of time
  • Have bottle, tower and fan ready.  A fan with remote control is very useful.  
  • Do not put your phone near your Ant+ Dongle to avoid the very annoying power drop in the middle of a ride.  Ideally add an extender to get Dongle closer to the trainer.

During the ride:

  • At 5pm, start spinning on Zwift
  • Click on “Let’s Ride.”
  • Connect to Discord to chat with fellow Egan Riders (optional but nice).  Introduce yourself and your favorite sandbagging excuse of the day.
  • 5 minutes before the ride starts, you will be automatically invited to join the Meetup.  
  • Click on “Join Meetup” at the bottom left corner of the screen
  • If you arrive late or just on time, you will miss it.
  • On Thursday Press “E” to select the weekly workout
  • To regroup press “A” to stop.  This is the only way to stop on Zwift.  


Advance set-up:

  • Download the Discord App. Discord App is like a Private Radio Channel that we can use to communicate during a ride.  
  • Send friend request to “eganrideclub#5569”


Egan Ride Club Leaders

Egan Ride General Information

Hill intervals! Shared suffering! Increased fitness! Strava KOMs!
Elevated heartrates! Trash talk!  

The ride meets at Egan Middle School every Tuesday at 6:00 pm. during daylight saving time. We leave at 6:05 and roll through the intersection of Edith and Foothill between 6:10 & 6:15. New riders welcome; we regroup and recover after every climb, if you can climb Old La Honda in 25 minutes you should have no problem keeping up. 

Remember, charge the hills, slow roll in between.
Pay attention to traffic and don't hog the road.

Start location is 100 W. Portola Rd, Los Altos. Near the corner of San Antonio and W. Portola. NOTE: it's NOT the school on the corner – Egan Middle School is 1/2 block further west.

Riders should always wear a helmet. Riders are encouraged to wear a helmet on AV rides and riders are discouraged from riding with AV groups if they don't wear a helmet.

For more information about this ride, please contact the following AV Coordinator:

James Nicol (egan at altovelo dot org)

James Nicol (egan at altovelo dot org)

Egan Ride Coordinator


The Egan Ride: A Photo Essay

06/15/2016, 10:15am PDT
By Hunain Hussain

Photo Journalist Hunaid Hussain captures the essence of this weekly ride led by Dirk Bergstrom.

Click the article to view the story or go to: