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Club News

2019 Club Awards

03/07/2019, 9:45pm PST
By Lindsay Howard

The winners of the Club Awards for 2018 year!

On February 24th, Alto Velo Racing Club held our annual Banquet dinner. This was a great evening to come together and reflect back on the past year in cycling, reminisce on our biking adventures, wrap up the racing achievements, thank our wonderful volunteers, enjoy some good food and drink, and find out who won our coveted club awards!

First we thanked our awesome club sponsors, and it was a great opportunity for us to meet those who made it to the event. We then thanked our outgoing Board members - Jorge Pont, Mike Reed, George Miranda, and myself, and welcomed our new Board members - Stephan Dolezalek and Gregoire Denis. 

And then on to the awards: 

Racing awards:

Elite Women's Racer of the Year: Arielle Little

Elite Men's Racer of the Year: Richie Vos

Master Men's Racer of the Year: Bernardo Tapia

Racing through the Categories: David Michael Sweet

Men's Teammate of the Year: Madden Titus

Men's Most Improved Racer: Hoss Hayati

CX Racer of the Year: Sam Schneider


Club awards: 

Club Appreciation Award: Tom Romano

Club Volunteer of the Year: Jerry Leugers

Most Improved Club Rider: Sanaz Komanji

Ride Leader of the Year: James Nicol

President's award: Katheryn Curi


And the 'if it isn't on Strava, it doesn't count' awards: 

Lewis and Clark adventurer: David Schrier - longest average ride distance 56.1 miles / ride, and most average feet climbed per ride 5229 ft / ride

Climber of the Year: Jorg Heinemann - 862,264 feet

Fastest average ride speed: Jeff Pickett - 20.11 mph average

Mountain Goad (steepest average climbing): Sally Annis - 133 ft/mile average

Ultra Cyclist (most miles of the year): Emily Cleary - 15,517 miles, 1068 hours


Congratulations to all winners, and cheers to everyone for a fun and safe 2019 year of riding! 

- Lindsay

Q4 Riders of the Month

11/24/2018, 9:45pm PST
By LIndsay Howard

AV Members make top competition at Master's Track World Championships!

John Petrakis: 70+ scratch race, 5th of 16. John made the break of the day with 2 current world record holders, and behind the top 4 who all have at least one world championship. 

George Miranda: 55-59 scratch race, 17th of 20. Showing grit to finish 9th of 10 qualifies in a loaded qualifying field, "Didn't get crashed out and didn't get dropped".  

Sam Schneider: Consistent top 10s in Elite Men's A race at Bay Area Cyclocross races so far this season. 

Congrats to all!