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Forms and Waivers


Alto Velo Racing Club welcomes guests to most of our rides and events (Alto Velo Programs).  However, Alto Velo requires non-members to have a signed Waiver of Liability and Acknowledgement of Risks on file before they can participate in Alto Velo Programs.  This waiver needs to be renewed once per calendar year.

Starting in 2020, Alto Velo will accept scanned waivers in lieu of a physical paper form.  Please print out, read, and sign the form.  Scan (PDF preferred) and e-mail to: waivers (at)

Alto Velo Members complete this form as part of their renewal process -- AV members do not need to sign a separate form. 

MINORS (Participants under the age of 18) will need a parent/guardian signature on their form (which is different than the adult form).  Unless the parent/guardian will be present at the event, PLEASE PRINT OUT and complete the form and bring it with you to avoid disappointment.  We require a paper form for minors.

NOTE:  Until further notice, all Participants of Alto Velo Programs must download, read, sign and return a COVID-19 Waiver prior to their first event of the calendar year.  This waiver is in addition to the General Waiver and Acceptance of Risks.  The COVID-19 Waiver must be renewed each calendar year until it is deemed no longer necessary.

For Ride/Event Leaders

Ride and event leaders may wish to use a multi-participant form.  This form MUST be printed double sided and may be used only with participants 18 years of age and older.  Minors MUST use the Minor Participant form above.