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Club News

March-April 2017 Rider of the Period - Shane McGuire

04/23/2017, 8:15pm PDT
By Lindsay Howard

Shane McGuire started out racing as a club member in 2014. He became a team rider when he upgraded to cat 4 in June 2015. He spent the 2016 season as a cat4 getting some good minor results gaining points towards a further upgrade to cat 3. His 2017 season started off with a bang, topping off his much needed points with results in races such as 6th at Snelling RR, 7th at Bariani and 2nd at Santa Cruz crit. He is proving to be a bit of an all rounder, is a great team member and leader, has a relaxed and friendly attitude and always gives 100%.

2017 Annual Banquet Awards

01/31/2017, 8:30pm PST
By Karen Brems

2017 Annual Banquet at Terun Restaurant

The 2017 AV Annual Awards Banquet was held at the Terun Restaurant, a new AV sponsor. We had a great meal with lots of food. The following AV members were recognized for accomplishments in 2016:

Elite Rider of the Year: Nik Barreto - Cat  3 Cal Cup winner, Cat 2 upgrade, Podium in first P1/2 race

Masters Riders of the Year: George Miranda - Winner of Burlingame, Coppertown, Modesto RR.  Also Picnic, B ride and Hammer sponsor coordinator

CX Rider of The Year: Mark Howard - 10 race wins, BASP series winner, SuperPro Series winner, NorCal-SoCal State Champion

Teammate of the Year: Keith Morris - For selfless devotion to AV teammates over the last several seasons, resulting in multiple podiums and upgrades.

Most Improved Rider of the Year: Jorge Pont - From  first upgrade point to Cat 3 upgrade, first podium and first CX win

Race Through the Categories Award: Julien Schaller - 5 to 3 in a season

AV Club Appreciation Award: Ken Nishimura - AV tax filings, Webmaster, Treasury transition, Election Coordinator

Volunteer of the Year: Debbie Merritt - Clothing  and Membership coordinator,  Webmaster,  AV Data Scientist

AV Recruiter of the Year: Richie Vos - Recruiting most new members

Lewis and Clark Award: Dirk Bergstrom - For finding every dead end climb over 8% in Los Altos, Los Gatos and Saratoga

Heckler of the Year: Dave O-Brien - For racing the first CX race of the day and staying all day to heckle AV riders in every category

Most Miles on Club Rides: Steven Wu - A ride, B ride, Egan Ride, Peets Ride – you have done them all!

I Love Cycling Award: Rachel Goldeen - 12,509 miles, 783,428 ft, 1020 hours, 633 rides