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Club News

2016 Summer Picnic

07/25/2016, 10:15pm PDT
By Debbie Merritt

George Miranda put together a very fun event complete with kickball and bike polo for both kids and adults! Our annual team photo was also taken. To view a slideshow of photos please go here:

June 2016 Rider of the Month - Steven Wu

07/17/2016, 9:00pm PDT
By Karen Brems

Steven Wu is dominating the club rides

Steven Wu started out doing the B ride. Now he has added the A ride, Egan ride and even the Peets ride on occasion. He stepped up and led the A ride for a couple of weeks when Brad was gone. He is an enthusiastic supporter of club rides and his fellow club riders. He has been averaging almost 15 hour weeks on the bike in the past month and it shows!

Steven has recently set PRs on OLH, Kings (beat his old time by over a minute), Page Mill, Tunitas  and Hwy 9.  On the last A ride, he set 15 PRs! His improvement is noticeable as he is now most often one of the riders pushing the pace at the front of the climbs. 

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