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Club News

August 2016 Rider of the Month-Julien Schaller

09/29/2016, 1:45pm PDT
By Mike Reed

Julien wins Giro di San Francisco

Julien Schaller is the rider of the month for August 2016. Julien joined the AVRT squad mid-year in April as a CAT 4 rider and has had good results all season, starting with a 7th place at Sea Otter and finishing with a win at the Giro di San Francisco. In 21 races, he has recorded 16 top tens, 11 top fives and 4 wins. Obviously, he has now upgraded to cat 3 and we look forward to continued success at that level and beyond.  

The founding principles of Alto Velo and AVRT focus on helping your teammates, racing with respect for others, and working together to get winning results.  In the most recent Giro di San Francisco this month, Julien exemplified these values in a number of ways. He entered the cat 4 race as a domestique working for a teammate. When one of his other teammates crashed and needed to be taken to the hospital, Julien helped notify his wife and make sure she was updated on his condition. He finished the race with three hot laps, shaking the entire way, taking the win in the last team race of the season.

For showing excellent and consistent performance and for exemplifying the values of Alto Velo and AVRT, Julien is our September rider of the month.

July 2016 Rider of the Month - Richie Vos

08/26/2016, 4:45pm PDT
By Karen Brems

Richie wins Patterson Pass RR

Richie Vos, is the rider of the month for August 2016. Richie joined the AVRT squad this year as a CAT 4 rider and has had good results all season, starting with a 2nd place at the Snelling Road Race in the first AVRT race of the season. He has stood on 8 podiums in 17 races, culminating in his first career victory at the Patterson Pass Road Race this month.

He has also helped as a road captain, domestique and mentor for the other racers on the cat 4 squad, and will be moving up to the Cat 3’s with his upgrade this week.

For showing excellent and consistent performance and improvement, Richie is our August rider of the month.

Congratulations Richie.