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Club News

2018 AV Board of Directors Nominating Period Open

12/15/2017, 9:00pm PST
By Karen Brems

It's that time of year again. Your club needs volunteers to step up and serve on the Board of Directors.  If you have ever wished that AV did this or that, now is your opportunity to help make the club better.  The Board is responsible for running the club -- if you want to influence the direction of the club, please consider joining the Board.  It's a great chance to give back to a club that's provided well for its members for over two decades! 

The AV board generally meets monthly and for the past 2 years, most of the meetings have been via video conference. Between board meetings, there are generally some email discussions to participate in and sometimes action items to follow up on. It is a good way to better get to know your fellow club and board members off the bike, and also learn what it takes to keep this club running smoothly. If you have any questions on what it is like to be on the board, send an email to the election coordinator.

The Details

You may nominate yourself as a candidate in the 2018 Board Election.  Nomination is simple:  send an e-mail to the election coordinator with your name, stating that you would like to run for 2018 Alto Velo Board of Directors, and a short paragraph describing yourself, your vision for the club, and why you'd make a good Board member.

The maximum number of Directors is eleven.

To qualify as a candidate in the Election, and to be eligible to vote in the Election, you must be a 2018 Member of Alto Velo Racing Club in Good Standing on the Record Date, which is January 7, 2018.  Remember, you need to have your dues AND waiver with wet signature in the Membership Coordinator's hands by the Record Date -- do not wait till the last minute!

The Election will be held during the first half of January 2018 using an online process in compliance with the Club Bylaws.  We anticipate announcing the 2018 Board members at the banquet.

Q3 Riders of the Period

11/26/2017, 11:30am PST
By Lindsay Howard

Leo Menestrina: 

The first rider of this period that we want to recognize has had some significant achievements recently, and not all were about actual results. Reading his race reports you start to realize that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and those certainly seem to have paid off for this rider!

Leo has won 3 previous world championships back in 2012 and 2013. However recently, he smashed these by taking 3 gold and 2 silver medals and a single championship, and in the process set 2 world records and a national record, as well as applying new tactics and finally beating his arch rival!

One of these world records he broke was held by another club member, and if you read the email exchange on the yahoo list, you can really see the passion these two guys have for the competition.

Leo's results in the 75-79 age group:

World Masters Games in New Zealand back in April: 6 races and 6 gold medals!

USA Nationals: 4 second places from 5 races, all narrowly losses.

UCI World Masters Championships in LA in October:

Three world Championships: scratch race (finally bested rival Jim Kloss!), points race, and individual pursuit.

Two silver medals: in the 500 meter TT, and the match sprints. (although first time in 5 years he’s been under 40 seconds in the 500).

Two world records. 12.892 seconds flying 200 meter TT, and 2:47.242 2k pursuit, plus an additional National Record of 16.4 second flying 250 meter lap.


Karen Brems: 

Karen took an opposite approach to Masters Track Worlds and focused on a single goal. Although she didn’t come away with the desired result, when you understand what went on during that race you understand why. In any case, going under the existing world record time and only seeding in 2nd place, just goes to show the level of competition she was facing.

This is a race everyone should watch. They talk about the mental aspects of competition and being in the zone and all that, you actually see that of Karen in this final race. You see why she has achieved what she has achieved in her career. After losing almost 2 seconds at the start, to finish less than a second back, sometimes a silver medal is as good as a gold.

Karen: 55-59 age group Individual Pursuit, second place


David O'Brien:

David is being celebrated for both his dedication to his sport and fellow club members. Yes he races, and yes he’s attained some great individual results this season. However Dave is one of the very few whose category is usually the first or second race of the day, but you always see him still at the race later in the day to watch everyone else race. You’ll always see him on the sidelines cheering (amongst other things). This is one of the great things about this club, is the sense of community and support, and Dave certainly does his part to make that happen.

David O’Brien – for results and cheering in CX racing.