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Club News

April 2016 Rider of the Month - Jorge Pont

05/21/2016, 2:15pm PDT
By Karen Brems

Jorge achieves his first RR podium at Sea Otter

Jorge Pont, is the rider of the month for May 2016. Jorge joined the AVRT squad last year as a CAT 4 rider and is racing this year as a 45+ cat 4. Previously, despite competing strongly in cyclocross races, Jorge had never earned an upgrade point or stood on a podium  in a road race

This year, he has flipped a switch, achieving podiums or upgrade points at Bariani (4th), Sea Otter (3rd), Berkeley Hills (5th) and Cat’s Hill (6th). He has shown his strength by placing well in notoriously difficult hilly races and in difficult conditions (Bariani), and is always at or near the front. He has also helped in races with the Elite 4s working as a domestique and is well on his way to upgrading to the 3s.

For showing excellent all around performance and improvement, Jorge is our May rider of the month

Recruiting Contest Winners!

05/03/2016, 9:30am PDT
By Debbie Merritt

Congratulations to Dirk Bergstrom (our fearless Egan Ride leader), Lindsay Howard (Peets Ride leader), and Richie Vos (AVRT member)! The contest ended with a tie between these three. They each win $100 to spend in our team store at Voler.

March 2016 Rider of the Month - TJ Lane

04/25/2016, 9:00pm PDT
By Karen Brems

TJ places 2nd at Bariani RR in epic conditions

Thomas Lane, also known as TJ, is the rider of the month for March 2016. TJ joined the AVRT squad this year as a CAT 3 rider. TJ comes from a collegiate racing background, having previously raced with Stanford. 

He has shown his strength by placing 5th in his first AVRT race at Snelling, and coming 2nd at Bariani. It was at Bariani where he not only faced epic conditions, but formed a 2-man break which eventually became 5, and then held on for 2nd. More recently TJ placed 3rd at Turlock road race, again in soggy conditions. 

TJ is quickly racking up points as he proves to be a strong all-round rider, and looks set for upgrading to the 2's team in the coming races with continued good performances. 

Congratulations TJ.

February 2016 Rider of the Month - George Miranda

03/26/2016, 8:45pm PDT
By Karen Brems

George wins Coppertown Circuit Race

George is starting off the 2016 race season strong! He won the Coppertown Circuit Race in the M55+ and followed that up placing 3rd in the M45+ on the same day! He also took 2nd at the CCCX Seaside Bayview Circuit Race. Here is his report on the COppertonw victory:


Coppertown Circuit Race, Masters 55+ 1234
1st of 17
Team Mates: Shin Umeda 4th & Ken Shimojima 7th
February 14, 2016
Shin and I drove down and ran into Ken, sweet!  I won this race last year so I went into it pretty confidently.
It's a 6 mile loop with several easy rollers and a little 20 second paseo through the little town plaza on every lap.
You go out, you turn around go through a few rollers in about 3 or 4 K then a sweet and mellow 2% descent to the finish.
We were doing 4 laps so we got to see the finish several times and feel the strong headwind into the finish all 4 times.
The secret with this course for a sprinter is to find a strong wheel, hope they go early then go around them with about 100 meters to go.  Big men this year that I marked were Kevin Willits & Jonathan Laine of the 3 Feet It's The Law team, Steve Clifton of Pen Velo, and Dean Abt of Team Oakland Cycling.
Nothing really happened during the race, no one got away and it came down to a field sprint, my speciality.  With about 250 meters to go Dean Abt launched into a fierce headwind with Jonathan Laine on his wheel followed by me. At about 150 meters Jonathan moves left and starts advancing on Dean, I'm glued to Jonathan's wheel.  At about 100 meters I start moving right on Jonathan, just at that point Dean start drifting left into my line.  I yelled at him to move back and he did, I pushed hard passed Jonathan and through the finish line.
Another fun race at Coppertown,
Katie Troung did a great job of catching the finish in a photo.

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