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Club News

May 2016 Rider of the Month - Austin Miller

06/25/2016, 3:30pm PDT
By Lindsay Howard

Austin upgrades to Cat 3 and starts winning

May's ROTM award goes Austin Miller. Austin joined AVRT this year as a Cat 4 and showed early to have a good sprint, by taking out some sprints against our Cat 2 riders in our early season training rides.

He performed well in the teams opening races placing 3rd at Cantua Creek RR, 10th at Snelling, 2nd at Bariani, and at CCCX a 2nd in the cat4 field followed that same day with a win in the 3/4 field. This clearly racked up the points and he was up to the 3's.

Doing his cat3 team duties in races like Sea Otter and Berkeley, he placed well at Cats Hill but then quickly found his chances for the win early in the cat3 ranks by taking wins at Modesto RR and Memorial Day Crit. 
He strives to win, enjoys his racing and is a great team mate.

The Egan Ride: A Photo Essay

06/15/2016, 10:15am PDT
By Hunain Hussain

Photo Journalist Hunaid Hussain captures the essence of this weekly ride led by Dirk Bergstrom.

Click the article to view the story or go to:

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