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2016 Alto Velo Racing Team (AVRT)

Currently, we have committed racers in the Cat2s, Cat3s, and Cat4s but want to grow the teams. Specifically, we are recruiting more Cat4s and Cat5s close to upgrading. If you would like more information, please email us at

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Allen Brumm

Allen at the BTC TT

The AV family is deeply sorry about the tragic accident at the Esparto TT on Sunday. We lost of one of our finest. Allen Brumm was an experienced and dedicated rider, but more importantly a great person. 
He built many long lasting friendships through his approachable nature and tremendous sense of humor.  He was a fantastic friend, teammate and training partner.  We have all lost with his passing and will miss him tremendously.  Our thoughts are with his family.
We will have a moment of silence at the start of the Alto Velo B ride this Saturday 10/3 and a special route in honor of Allen. 
The funeral for Allen is Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 2pm.

It is in the Crystal Springs Chapel at Skylawn Funeral Home:  
Route 35 at Highway 92.

San Mateo, California 94402

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Annual 2015 Club Awards

The annual awards banquet held 1/31 was a great success. Thanks to David Trousdale for organizing the event and Patt Baenan for organizing the entertainment. The following club members received awards:

Elite Rider of the Year - Mark Howard
Masters Rider of the Year - Leo Menestrina
Volunteer of the Year - Nik Barreto
Blazing Upgrade of the Year - Blaise Hamel
Sir Edmund Hillary Award - Eric Welsh
Most Improved Rider of the Year - Lindsay Howard
Club Appreciation Award - Jeff Fillerup
Recruiter of the Year - Dave Keefe
Best Tanning while Riding - Bob Parker
Mr. Fix-It Award - Dirk Bergstrom (Syklonda water faucet)
Strongest Rider with 100 Hour Work Weeks - Justin Thompson
Crash Test Dummy - Dave O-Brien
Lifetime Achievement Award - Karen Brems

Club News

November 2015 Rider of the Month - Karen Brems

11/20/2015, 8:30pm PST
By Karen Brems

Karen wins at Sierra Point CX

Karen won the Sierra Point Repechage CX in the Women A category after placing 2nd the night before at the Sierra Pt. night race.  She was also 2nd at SuperPro CX #2 and Surf City CX #2. Here is her report:


Day 2 at Sierra point is the Repechage held on Sunday on the same course in the reverse direction. Fields are generally much smaller and spectators consist only of racers in other categories. The forecast was for rain, which I was not really looking forward to (at least not looking forward to all the cleanup required after a rainy race!). I was thinking about skipping the 2nd day, but in the BASP races, call-ups are always based on the prior race, so if I skip are race, I lose my front row start. It is a good race close to home too, so 12 hours after I left on Sat. I was back!

There was a light rain when I arrived and the hourly forecast showed maximum rain potential from 12-1, which was exactly when I raced. It turned out not to be an issue at all though, and what little rain there was mostly just cut down the dust from last night. The only thing that got slick was the pavement. The series of pavement with the 180 turns were a bit treacherous. Knobby tires are designed for traction on dirt and mud, but they have much less traction on wet pavement than slick road tires. Plus, the turns were over pained lines, which makes them even worse. There was also a metal plate on the paved bike path leading into the first turn that was exactly in the line you wanted to be on to set up for the turn. The flyover was removed as it gets very slippery when wet and the promoter wanted a safer race. That means the only dismount was the quad barriers. 
We had a much smaller women A field of 9 riders. Caroline was not there and neither was Cambell. Caitlin was though, and she has been pretty close behind me in the races I have done with her and I knew she was disadvantaged by her start position last night (start position was based on last years' results in the night race). 
We had a modified first lap so we could start in the same direction as last night and do the same first turn onto the  dirt (which was deemed safer than the turn onto the dirt going the opposite way) but then we immediately took another left and got on the course in the opposite direction. This set of turns was only set up during the first lap of each race and you were not allowed to warm up on the course during any race, so this meant that nobody had ever ridden this first section. 
I missed my pedal on the start again and entered the first turn in 4th again, but the rider in front got confused in the maze of course tape and missed the next turn, causing some confusion in the field, but it meant I moved up a spot behind Chelsea Weidinger and Kristin Drumm. Kristin was really choppy in the turns and opening a gap behind Chelsea, but the straightaways were not long enough to get around her, so I bided my time and I knew Caitlin was still somewhere behind me. When we got to the pavement, I passed Kristin in the first straight and I was very conservative on the U-turns. Coming out of the 2nd one, I heard that bikes-on-pavement sound that every road racer knows. I took a quick glance back and saw 1 or 2 riders down but not Caitlin and I still had Chelsea catch. I passed her on the last pavement stretch and I was now in the lead and went as hard as I could to try to cement a gap. 
Caitlin was never far back though and by the time we hit the pavement at the end of lap 2, she was on my wheel. In the past, I have used Caroline's fast start to help get away from everyone else, but it is harder to create the gap by myself! I didn't want to go too hard on the pavement with someone on my wheel, so I decided to recover a bit and try to attack again later. Caitlin took this opportunity to come around me, which was fine. This is her first season of CX, so I wanted to see where her strengths and weakness were. She went hard and she was not bad technically (she is a former downhill ski racer and has raced MTB), but she was not quite flowing through the turns, and I felt like I might be able to go faster if I had to. Caitlin seemed content to lead and I was content to follow for a while, so that is what we did for the next couple of laps. 
Going into the final lap, I knew I had to attack somewhere. I have a decent sprint (or at least I used to!) but I did not want to leave things quite that late. There was a loose mulch section leading into the final turn and I knew if I had a small gap there, I could likely hold it. Although I watched Mark Howard in the prior race come through the final turn behind a rider and handily outsprint him at the line for 2nd!
Going into the barrier section, I pulled up next to Caitlin and I had noticed in prior laps, she was a bit slow to remount (remounts are one of the hardest things for new CX racers to learn!) so I made a pass on the barriers, had a good remount and went as hard as I could. I eeked out a few sec. gap through all the turns and drilled it on the pavement 180s so I was able to hit the final mulch straight with a small gap as I had hoped. Problem was there were 3 lapped riders in that section to get by, so it was a bit dicey. I knew Caitlin would have to pass them too though. I made it safely to the pavement finish straight and took the win by about 3 sec. It was a competitive raceand I was happy to have finally ridden cleanly. 

October 2015 Rider of the Month - Dirk Bergstrom

11/04/2015, 10:15pm PST
By Karen Brems

We honor our faithful Egan Ride leader

Dirk has been leading the weekly Egan ride for many years now. Every Tues. evening in the summer, he leads riders up short hills around Los Altos that most people have never heard of. But yes, every one of them is a Strava segment! Hammer the hills, recover in between - the interval ride for people who don't like intervals. Every week the route is diffferent. The ride has grown over the years and typically draws around 20 riders. It has drawn a number of riders into the club. 

Justin wins Winters RR and Greg wins the District Crit

Justin Thompson, racing in the Elite 3's as part of Alto Velo Racing Team (AVRT) delivered several very impressive results in August en route to taking 2nd place in the Cal Cup Standings.  Justin took 1st Place at the Winters Road Race taking the victory solo after distancing himself from the remainder of the small breakaway that formed only 2 miles into the 72 mile race.  Justin delivered a very impressive 2nd place result the week before at the impossibly tough University Road Race from a shattered field that had huge gaps everywhere.  Other notable results in August were a 4th place at the Dunnigan Hills Road Race by winning the field sprint behind a 3 man breakaway (Won by AVRT - Blaise Hamel), and strong 8th place finish at the Vacaville Grand Prix.   


Greg Bollella won the District Criterium Championship in the 60-64 age group. This was a follow-up to his win in the 500m TT at the District Track championships in his first season racing the track. He also won Bronze in the District TT. 

August 2015 Rider of the Month - Leo Menestrina

08/19/2015, 10:00pm PDT
By Karen Brems

Leo wins 7 medals at Track Nationals

Leo Menestrina won 5 silver and 2 Bronze medals at USAC Track Nationals! 

Silver  70-74 scratch race

Silver - Points Race

Silver - 500 meter TT

Bronze - 70-74 sprints

Silver - 70 -74 2000 meter pursuit

Silver - team sprint

Bronze - Team Pursuit

He also set the National flying 250 TT record for 70-74 age group. At sea level. Time of 17.1 seconds, average speed just under 33 mph for 250 meters.  All this with a new 6 month old right knee!

He followed this up with 6 Gold medals at NCNCA District Track championships at Hellyer!

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