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Alto Velo Club News

Riders of the Period Q3 2018

10/17/2018, 10:00pm PDT
By Lindsay Howard

Peter Tapscott - for achievements at the NCNCA District Masters Track Championships

Carola Berger - for being a fantastic teammate and mentor racing in the women's team

Matt Hepworth - placed 2nd at Winter's Road Race and 4th at Dunnigan Hills Road Race in Elite 3s

Erik Schiller - won Red Kite finale criterium in P12 category, as well as outstanding racing performances in 2018. 



Alto Velo Summer Picnic

07/03/2018, 9:00pm PDT
By George Miranda

It's that time of year again, it's AV's Summer Picnic. We hope to see all current members participate in this fun event!

This year we're going to mix it up a bit. We'll be snacking, drinking, and playing sports starting at 3:00 pm, before the sit down dinner. 
Timing may be tough so this year we'll play AV splash ball/aka beer kick ball, we'll take our Team Photo, then munch on the BBQ.

Hope to see you there!!

Alto Velo's Suit to Protect the "Alto Velo" Name Settled

Alto Velo has a 20+ year history of operating a bike  racing  team based in Northern California, and its riders have won  hundreds of world, national, and district championships in the various cycling disciplines—road, track, cyclocross and mountain.    The "Alto Velo" name is  an important part of that rich cycling  history.  Last year,   a new wheel manufacturer and a related bike racing team began using the  "Alto Velo"  name without our authorization  and even though we requested that they discontinue using  "Alto Velo",  they refused.   Alto Velo was forced to decide whether to take action to  protect its name or give up the name,   and the decision was made to file a suit  in federal court in order to preserve the name.  Alto Velo filed the suit and the wheel company and racing team settled the suit in December 2015 by agreeing to discontinue using the "Alto Velo" name in the future.    Alto Velo only sought to protect its name, and when they agreed to stop using the name, Alto Velo was anxious to settle.   With the settlement, Alto Velo will continue to use the "Alto Velo" name going forward and build on its already rich racing history.   


2015 Picnic

The annual Alto Velo picnic was held July 19 and a good time was had by all. Again, the venue was Serra Park in Sunnyvale and the highlight was the mountain bike polo. 

A big thanks to George Miranda for organizing, Robert Orcutt and Valley Vending for providing drinks, as well as SunPower, DFJ, Dave Keefe, Realtor, and Dr. Fletcher, DDS., for their continuing financial support that makes these events possible

See photos and video below..

Bike Polo by Nick Laszlo

AVRT training video

Drone enthusiast and Alto Velo sponsor, Mark Bailey of DFJ, filmed and produced this short video of a training session for our racing squad SunPower Racing. Many thanks to Mark for his time and creativity.

Please go here to watch:

Il Caschetto Giallo - back issues of club newsletter

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