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Alto Velo Race Team (AVRT)

Alto Velo at the 2021 Picnic

Alto Velo at the 2021 Picnic

The Premier Bay Area Racing Team

Alto Velo Race Team (AVRT) is focused on organized, strategic team racing with an emphasis on building Elite Women's and Men's teams. AVRT is known for camaraderie, leadership, tactical skills, and positive racing. After years of growth, we are very excited to continue developing new and seasoned riders through the ranks.

As a member, racers receive:

- Reimbursement for all team selected races
- Inclusion in team training rides and sponsored team training camps  
- Specific strategies and individual roles for each race
- The opportunity learn from the wealth of professional cycling knowledge in Alto Velo!

Our goal is to grow the sport of cycling with a positive and inclusive environment for all. If you're on the fence about racing or aren't sure you can commit to a full schedule, that's ok! You can still participate in many club rides, training camps, and social events even if you ultimately decide racing isn't for you. And if you do fall in love with racing, the team is committed to supporting you through your growth as an athlete.

To become an AVRT member, please join us on any of the Sunday AVRT-led rides and watch the Alto Velo email list for more opportunities to meet and ride with the team. Please also fill out the info form here so we can learn a little more about you and your goals as a racer.

Questions? Shoot us an email.