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BASP Cyclocross Race #1

10/09/2013, 3:45pm PDT
By Chris Gaffney

3rd in M45+ A's

Chris Gaffney

BASP Candlestick race #1

Sept 29, 2013


3rd of 31

Back to Candlestick for race #1 of the BASP series. The course was very similar to last years course, with the addition of a new run up and a couple of very rocky technical sections. This course features plenty of hard bumpy terrain, lots of turns and several short steep ramps and 2 sets of double barriers.

I was very fortunate to get a front row call up based on my finish at last years final BASP race. This course starts on pavement with the racers lined up 7 across. After about 100 meters the course turns sharply onto gravel and being in the front is a huge advantage. I was able to get to the gravel in second place. Shortly after getting onto the course 2 other riders made some really aggressive moves to get in front of me. Two of the three riders in front of me were from Cal Giant. One of the Cal Giant riders began blocking for his teammate. I was trying hard to get around him but he was not giving up anything. I was putting pressure on him and riding his back wheel. As we entered one of the new sections of the course, a short steep uphill turn with loose gravel leading into it and loose dirt on the turn the blocking Cal Giant rider went down. I almost ran over him as he fell in front of me. I had to unclip both feet and shuffle by him, amazingly no one passed me. I immediately started chasing the leaders, but they were strong riders working together and I was never able to catch them.

After chasing for the remainder of the first lap, I had established a good gap between myself and the rest of the field. Entering the first turn of the course for a second time I went down hard. Both left hip and shoulder are still sore 2 days later. I was able to remount quickly and keep riding. On the second lap I began riding into the back of the 35’s race. It was slow getting around the 35’s field, mostly because the course was narrow. None of the 35’s I was passing were going hard enough to work with so I continued to ride by myself which is how the race finished for me. I could see the chase group behind me but I was able to maintain a 20-30 second gap to the finish. 

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