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Masters Road National Championship - Time Trial

09/09/2013, 1:15pm PDT
By Mary Ellen Allen


Masters Road National Championship – Time Trial
Bend. OR , Sept. 4, 2013  
Place: 3 – Bronze medal
Field: 16
Time: 30:21.45

Short Story: Took bronze in the TT and top 3 separated by a mere 5 seconds over 20k.

My first Road National Championship -  and a rather spontaneous decision to participate.  After spending July in Europe and a couple weeks in SoCal for Elite Track Natz during my sabbatical, my TT training going in consisted of the last Beat the Clock Time Trial in August.  But I was excited about the event and ready to race, have fun, spend time with friends and experience Bend. 

We drove up and arrived in Bend on Sunday so I had two days to pre-ride the Crooked River TT course in Prineville, 36 miles north of Bend.  20k out and back, 455 feet of short climbs.  The first few miles had very smooth pavement  followed by rough textured road.  Altitude a factor at 3000 feet, but affected me less than Sattley’s 5000 feet. Tricky turnaround – on a slight downhill, rather narrow with gravel on both sides and off camber.   Beautiful scenic course.

We had a robust field with 5 women aging up from 55-59.  Race day was perfect, temp in mid-60’s at my 8:50.30 start time, sunny, light breeze – passed bike check with no issues (pre-check done day before).  USAC did a great job of setting up the start/finish area with a start ramp, banners, announcers – felt very pro!  I was seeded 10th in the start list with starts at 30 second intervals  – I passed 6 of the 8 racers ahead of me – no one passed me.   Uneventful until I approached the turnaround with 2 racers immediately ahead of me – I had enough room to pass my 4:30 minute woman but hesitated to let the other woman get through.  That cost me dearly – it is painful to look at my Garmin file. 

Gold  – Elizabeth Tyrell – 30:16 (finished 2nd last year)

Silver – Laura Lindgren – 30: 19 (2012 US champ and W 60-64 20k national record holder)

Bronze – MEA – 30:21

I am looking forward to next year’s Masters Road TT Championship in Ogden, Utah.

Thanks for reading,

Mary Ellen Allen

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