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NCNCA Masters Men's Crit Championship, Part 2

09/03/2013, 9:15pm PDT
By John Elgart

1st of 3 in M65-69

District Crit Champs: 60+

from John Elgart

Results: 1 of 3 in the 65-69, 2 of 17 overall in 60+, 3 primes.

The Men's Masters Criterium was held in Pleasanton by the efficient Red Kite folks on the smooth roads of the Hopyard business campus. They did a very nice job, though I think the late date diminished the turnout a bit.

In my race there were a total of 17 riders, most of whom were in the 60-64. In my category there were only 3 -- Richard Shields who took 2nd last year in the Nationals Road and Ernie Gallardo. It seems like I've been racing with Ernie for decades. Also in the race were John Diemont, Jim Turner and Dave Edwards from AV. It was a 30 minute plus a lap or so race with 4 primes.

I decided that going for the primes was a good plan and the first two I took without too much of a challenge. After the primes there were some break flyers, but we got pulled back fairly quickly. For the 3rd prime Dave Stockwell (San Jose) jumped early with Don Case (Cushman) going after him and taking it. I was a bit out of position on that one and didn't contest it, but took the 4th prime by jumping at 500 meters and soloing in. The pack actually sat up for a moment -- and I had to decide what to do: go or no. I decided to sort of go halfway--rolling along at 25 mph to see what the field was up to. After most of the next lap Richard Shields pulled the field up to me.

This set up the final sprint where Case jumped around me and opened a good gap out of turn 3. I was momentarily delayed and when I closed the gap, it was too little, too late. John Diemont was 3rd overall and 2nd in the 60-64. Jim Turner was 3rd in the 70's. BTW, for the primes and the finish, I won 5 bottles of Thomas Coyne 2007 Petite Syrah. Now that was a good year.

A good race -- it's nice to do a criterium. Now off to Bend for Nationals.

The results are here:

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