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In Memory of Allen Brumm

In Memory of Allen Brumm

Long time Alto Velo member Allen Brumm was struck by a vehicle and killed while competing in the Esparto Time Trial Sunday September 27th, 2015.  
The AV family is deeply sorry about this tragic accident. We lost of one of our finest. Allen Brumm was an experienced and dedicated rider, but more importantly a great person. He built many long lasting friendships through his approachable nature and tremendous sense of humor.  He was a fantastic friend, teammate and training partner.  We have all lost with his passing and miss him tremendously.  Our thoughts are with his family.
Allen loved riding and racing and especially time trials. The club would like to remember him with a new program:

The Allen Brumm Time Trial Fund

This fund will be used to reimburse any AV member who races a TT in the NCNCA district and is not covered under the general club race reimbursement program. The idea is to encourage more AV members to give TTs a try. We think Allen would be in favor of that.

This program is funded by a generous personal donation from an Alto Velo member who wishes to remain anonymous, and Allen's girlfriend Valarie, and is being matched by Alto Velo. Please let the club management know if you also wish to contribute. 

My Friend Allen Brumm

A tribute to Allen by Ted Burns

Allen at Snelling RR 2010

"I use to race with Allen almost weekly in 2010. He was a great friend & teammate. He will be missed"

Saeed Abedi

Allen at the BTC TT

"On Sunday, we lost another member of the cycling family. Allen was an avid time trialist, generous Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer supporter, who rarely missed an event and always had some spare change for a raffle ticket or two, and an all around nice guy. RIP Allen, you will be missed."

-- The 2005-2014 Beat the Clock Team


Allen and I on the podium at the circuit race at Fort Ord - 9/12/15

"I was the rider behind Allen on Sunday. I never left his side there on that road. He was number 923 and I was 924. Our last words together before he started the race was him chiding me for my road bike having no aero bars. He was very kind and always had time for a chat before and after a race. I will miss him."

Rev. Dr. Alvin Carpenter
Davis Bike Club Race Team

"Allen was good friend on and off of the bike...I affectionately called him "Slowski" a reference to ‎his methodical pace to doing most things. Allen had a dry yet wonderful sense of humor...he could tell a joke and take a joke...I'm going to miss him!   We were teammates at Alto Velo for a number of years (6), we raced in the same category for a while and on the Alto Velo Development team for a couple of years. We just recently raced at the Red Kite criterium in the same Masters race, and even though we are now on differing teams, (I on Audi and Allen still with Alto Velo) we raced as "teammates" as we've always done. Allen was always such a giving and concerned teammate and was liked by absolutely everyone, competitor or friend or teammate or co-worker or family...I'm really really going to miss "Slowski"...we all will. Fond memories Allen, fair thee are a legend...track racer, crit racer, road racer, teammate, friend.."

Robert Orcutt


"Allen and I used to work together at Oracle. He worked for me, or did I work for him? I was his manager for a period of time but it was never really clear who worked for who and neither of us really cared. We both enjoyed the work and we both did whatever it took to knock down obstacles and get stuff done.  

Allen knew I loved to ride and introduced me to Alto Velo, the B-ride and to racing. More often than not were were talking about riding at work, and I'll admit that sometimes we would talk about work while riding but only if he brought it up! Coding and cycling, cycling and coding. His guidance helped me safely navigate my first few road races to graduate out of the 5's. He tried to convince me that crits were fun but he had an easier time convincing me about time trials. Part of it was the gear fetish (let's face it, TT bikes are cool), part if it was we were both more suitably "shaped" for TT's than were were for climbing ("Gravity does not favor the big," he once told me as we suffered up West Alpine one Saturday). 

Allen and I did the Berkeley (aka Pinole) TTT together for several years and though not a flat course it was the most fun I've ever had racing. We both dropped like stones on the down hills and labored up the inclines. He always pulled more than his share and then turned himself inside-out on the final climb, blowing like a steam engine, telling me to lift the pace as he used me as the carrot to get up the hill. Our results were nothing to write home about but we had fun. 

I left Oracle about 8 years ago, but we still raced together and rode together, though less frequently over the last few years. We still talked about work when riding but work wasn't as important anymore. Sometimes we would just ride in silence, listening to our breathing while our tires unrolled the miles. 

It's been 5 years since my last race, children and family commitments are known cause such interruptions, and I feel a shadow pass over me as I realize that my last race was the Esparto TT. I wish I wasn't writing about my friend in the past tense, but I'm grateful to have spent so much time, both on and off the bike, with one of the nicest guys on this planet. 

I guess it's customary to say rest in peace but for Allen I'll add, ride on!"

Patrick Amor


"Allen became my best friend at my first job out of college in 1981. He was a brilliant software engineer with a great sense of humor and enjoyed everything he did with a passion. We only visited a few times since that year of hanging out all the time, and it was always like we never parted. I'm so sad he's gone, and happy he was doing what he loved when he left. My deepest sympathy to all who knew and loved him."

Don Taylor

"Allen was one of the friendliest people I've met. In what can be an intimidating sport to break into, I will always remember him as one of the first to talk with me and make me feel welcome. In my beginning days of group rides, we'd often be on the A or B rides together and Allen was always positive and enthusiastic with me and other newer riders.
When I broke my clavicle on an A-ride in 2011, Allen was the first person to reach me. It was my first hard crash. He was calm and collected and made a bad day for me as comfortable as he could. That sort of thing sticks in one's mind and I'll never forget it.
As we moved along in this hobby, to different teams and different categories, we overlapped less and less. But, when I did see Allen at races he always had a few minutes to chat. He still had that familiar enthusiasm, wit, and personality. He was a genuine guy and a pleasure to be around. 
I counted him a friend and his absence is hard to fathom. Allen's passing is loss to us all."
Chris Evans